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Patient Feedback

Did you hear the good news?

95% of patients surveyed said Rehab Synergies GREATLY improved their quality of life and 98% feel our therapists are supportive caring and compassionate.

At Rehab Synergies, patients always come first, and everything we do is to help you get back to living life to the fullest, but don’t just take it from us. Here is what our patients are saying about Rehab Synergies and the therapy we provide to every patient.


“I couldn't have made it without everyone!”

“I was a patient in 2013 and I felt they saved my life and I feel the same today. I couldn't have made it without everyone!”

“Its very important to me that the medical/Physical staff listens to my questions and concerns and doesn't make me feel rusher & unheard. Thank you all for your help & time!”

“The therapy staff was very knowledgeable about the care they provide”

Mr. N came in requiring total assist for mobility and all activities of daily living with a G-Tube and Trach. Now he is walking independently, eating and breathing on his own!

“After being bedridden for months another rehab told me I would never walk again, with help from Rehab Synergies I am now using a walker and moving on my own”

“Everyone was kind & loving, I enjoyed my stay & miss everyone here. Everyone made me feel at home. May God Bless Everyone”